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Our NuFilter™ line includes a variety of commercial of-the-shelf RF and microwave filters that can be easily integrated in your system. Our filters remove the time and cost burden of creating a design, laying out a PCB, buying parts, assembling, and testing. Allow NuWaves to save you time and money by outsourcing your filtering needs.

NuWaves offers in-stock bandpass, highpass, lowpass, and bandstop filters that can be shipped the same day you order them, meaning quicker integration into your system. 

rf filter

Recommended Filters

Designed to integrate with the NuPower Xtender SCISR-20 Bidirectional Amplifier, these bandpass cavity filters can work in any C-, L-, and S-band RF power amplifier application. These modules promote low noise, low insertion loss within your system. 

C-Band Bandpass Filter

4400 MHz 4990 MHz

L-Band Bandpass Filter

1350 MHz to 1850 MHz


S-Band Bandpass Filter

2025 MHz to 2500 MHz

Bandpass Filters

Lowpass Filters

Diplexer Filters

Custom RF Filters

Need a more customized solution? Check out our custom filter page to learn more, or fill out the form below to get in touch with our in-house Filter Experts.


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