Complete Turn-Key Transmit Solutions Inclusive of Analog and Digital Functions

We provide a full spectrum of solutions to engineer a lasting partnership with our customers by maximizing your RF capability and readiness.

NuWaves’ RF Transmitter Design Experience Includes:

Tri-Band Miniature CDL for Small UAV


NuWaves designed, developed, prototyped, and produced an initial quantity of a high-performance, miniature transceivers with full-duplex, bi-directional operational capability across L-, S-, and C-Bands. This module supported operation in transmit or receive only mode to allow for a unidirectional link.

Portable Radar Simulator

Design and development of a dependable 5 GHz transmitter exciter and receiver for the customer’s Portable Radar Simulator (PRS). Allowed client to test training hardware before training exercises began to ensure equipment was operational and working as intended


u-Transmitter Common Flight Test Module


24-month design and development of a micro-transmitter supporting CFTM. u-Transmitter supports continuous transmission at 2 to 5 watts.

High-Performance Solutions from Concept to Production

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